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Orange Sealskin T-Shirt Broach

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Last year I started a campaign leading up to the first annual National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on September 30th to raise awareness about the day and to raise funds for the Orange Shirt Society. September 30th falls on Orange shirt Day, a day to commemorate residential school survivors, and those who did not return home. Donating to the Orange Shirt Society felt like a natural fit for my first campaign. Because of the incredible support I received last year, I am proud to do another campaign to raise awareness about the National Day for TRC and have chosen to give back to my home community of Nain by donating a portion of the proceeds to Nain CARE.
Nain CARE is a group of volunteers who financially support members of Nain during an unexpected time of need, this includes family requiring travel for medical emergencies and loss of loved ones, and financially supports families and individuals who have lost their belongings due to house fires. The cost of air travel in Nunatsiavut is a great expense and Nain CARE aims to offset costs through fund raising and donations.

Nakummek for your support


.: Ethically sourced sealskin from Canada; professionally tanned and dyed
.: Ethically sourced moose hide from Canada; professionally tanned and dyed

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